UMC – Standalone


Free Ultimate Movement Component for UE4 project.

Add advanced movement component to your UE4 project.

Find more inf from this Link.

Watch the tutorial on Youtube.


This is the complete Ultimate Movement Component project, including all blueprints & animations.

Ultimate movement component project is a free project to add climbing & advanced movement in your UE4 projects easily without any programming.

This project is free to use for all users & you’re not allowed to sell this project originally, edited or as a part of any other project.

If you’re owning the Ultimate Character project please download from this link


  • Optimized Blueprints.
  • Modular Project.
  • Easy to add in new projects
  • Easy to setup animations.
  • Debugging tool.

In-Game controls:

Movement: “WASD” the keyboard, “Left thumbstick” on the controllers.

Release Ledge: “B” on the keyboard, “B”/”Circle” on the controllers.

Jump: Space bar

Running: Left shift

Crouch: C

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