Ultimate Character Demo


By downloading the Ultimate Character demo you can test the product before purchase.

Almost all the features of the current version of the UC project are included.

You can find more info from this Link.

You can buy the UC project from UE4 Marketplace.




This demo is not an actual game you can change or modify anything in your game depending on the situation.

To spawn AI characters just touch the buttons on the left side of the level.

To change your character touch the buttons on the right side of the level in front of the static characters.

AI characters are limited to their room only & can’t move to other rooms.

Main Menu controls:

Switch characters: “A”/”D” on the keyboard, D-Pad on the gamepad.

Select character: “Spacebar” on the keyboard, “A” on Xbox controller or “X” on PS4 controller.

Start the demo level: “Enter” on the keyboard, “Left special button” on the controllers.

In-Game controls:

Movement: “WASD” the keyboard, “Left thumbstick” on the controllers.

Primary Fire/Attack: “Left Mouse Button” or “RT”/”R2”.

Secondary Fire/Attack: “Right Mouse Button” or “LT”/L2.

Toggle Inventory: “I” (Only keyboard in this version).

Block: “B” on the keyboard, “B”/”Circle” on the controllers.

Pickup: “E” on the keyboard, “Y”/”Triangle” on the controllers.

Pause: “Ecs” on the keyboard, “Right special button” on the controllers.

Controllers are not supported for the radial menu in this version, Planed for the first update.