ABC Augmented Reality

Learning ABC Alphabet from A to Z in a new way with Augmented Reality Technology.

By downloading and installing ABC AR everybody can start learning ABC Alphabet with the most advance technology, by your phone, very nice and attractive for everybody at any age, it will be very interesting learning ABC with 3D objects and Augmented Reality.

You can download Flash Cards from Mediafire.
Different looking to letters, words and objects in ABC AR is a helpful for you to remember them.
ABC AR is compatible with most mid and high phone hardware.

Using ABC AR is very simple with three steps:
1- Download ABC Flashcards from in app help menu, or Mediafire.
2- Print Flashcards.
3- Look at them with your phone.

More than 200 words and 3D objects.
Female and Male pronunciations for all words.
ABC AR will help anybody to learn and/or teach somebody ABC.
There’re multiple words for each letter do better understand.
No limit age to use.

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